First Fondant Flower

I am really dying of creating beautiful fondant flowers for my cakes. This time, I got the urge and will power to handmold my first ever fondant flowers of various variant from different fondant tutorials I got from blogs and FB pages of various cakers around the globe.

Sorry, I was not able to save the tutorial links to share in here, for I am very excited to try them out. I will definitely do link back to tutorial pages next time guys so you too can have references of your own.

The cake was baked and decorated for my daughter's 6th birth month celebration. We call it the 6th Monthsary.

If you are trying to learn cake decorating with fondant and do not want the hardship of hand molding each piece, you can use different affordable fondant tools available in stores online as well as in stores near you.

First Fondant Flower First Fondant Flower Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 8/05/2013 Rating: 5
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