Chocolate Ganache in Evaporated Milk

I am a big fan of chocolate ganache but I hate it when I fail making the right one. If the mixture did not seize, they come out not melted that I still have to pinch or give a short pop in the microwave. This made me think twice to cover my cake with ganache every time I bake a Dark Chocolate Cake.

When baking my dark chocolate cake, I always have leftover evaporated milk which made me think to use it for ganache. I tried searching on the Internet and Boom! it is highly possible and many bakers are using it.

I immediately give it a try and to my surprise it has the same taste and texture with the one done with cream.The recipe I am using  can be best for piped frosting because it is soft but still holds its shape and it comes out shiny too. Maybe because of the butter. Not sure though.

Evaporated Milk Chocolate Ganache


Dark Chocolate – 500 grams or 1/2 kg

Unsalted Butter – 125 grams or 1 stick
Milk (I used Evaporated Milk) – 3/4 cup or 180 ml


Combine milk and butter in a sauce pan and bring to boil.

Once the butter is melted switch off the flame and pour into the chocolate chips.

Set aside and let cool for 3-4 minutes. 

Using a whisk mix the mixture slowly.

When everything is mixed smoothly, let it cool completely.

Use as desired.

Chocolate Ganache in Evaporated Milk Chocolate Ganache in Evaporated Milk Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 12/21/2016 Rating: 5
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