Five Easy Money Saving Tips for Mommas

I know we all want to save even just a small amount of money from everything we do every day. As a work at home mom, I cannot guarantee a similar amount of income every day. We all know that our income as work at home individuals really differs each month or each day. This month can be a high earning month but the following months can be slow.

That being said, it is important that we will always save some amount from our current earnings so we have something to use when needed in the near future. However, other than saving some amount of money, we can do other things that will let us save.

Create a Budget - in order to save money, we should start with our budget. Without this, it is like we are walking in nowhere because we do not have the path to follow. It would be great if you start listing your Forecasted Income and Expense. If you are a freelancer, knowing your expense is a good way to work a little harder to make ends meet. In my case, I have done my budget planning in an Excel spreadsheet but this time around, I am going to do it away from my computer because I am going to buy a planner. There are so many beautiful planners around, still cannot decide which one to buy.

Always go for discounted clothing for kids - kids grow faster than we think. Many new parents and parents to be wanted to indulge their babies with the best that they can give but because babies grow so fast, what you have bought today might be overgrown after one or three months. However, if you really cannot resist the urge of giving your child top brands clothing you want, you can have them sell as pre-loved or create a garage sell to sell your child's old stuff after they have it overgrown and earn some amount from it.

Create a menu plan - for busy moms like me (ahem!), it will not only let us save money but also our most precious time. List down your menu as the week begins in your simple menu planner. After that, grab your shopping list and start buying. The good about creating a menu plan, you can easily switch if you are going beyond your budgeted amount.

Learn how to cook - Cooking and baking is something that we moms, should know-how. Dining out will cost us a chunk of our budget but if we know how to cook, we can easily prepare meals just like in your favorite resto or bake your own cake that you order a lot from your favorite bakeshop.

Start loving the generics - most of the time, generic products have the same quality as to their expensive and branded counterparts. You can always opt for generic products like in buying grocery items, vitamins, and meds.

There are still a lot of ways we can do to save money. The mentioned above are just the ones I considered easy to follow.

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