Lechon Belly: What to Cook for Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is just days away from now and so I know all of those who love to prepare a special meal for their loved ones are now busy thinking about what to cook for Valentine's day, because like you, I also love preparing foods for my loves during special occasions.

Just now, I just suddenly came up with one of our favorites when special occasions come other than baking their favorite cake, The Lechon Belly! I am not sure how our brothers and sisters from the other side of this world called this delicious pork recipe but I am sure the moment they know how it is being prepared and cooked, they will surely love it.


The Lechon Belly Recipe

Belly Pork or Liempo w/o Bones
Lemon Grass
1 Head of Garlic, Minced
Long Onion or Naga Negi
Black Ground Pepper
Cooking String


Rub the belly pork with salt and pepper and let it sit or marinate for at least 1 Hour.
Position the belly pork facing up and evenly distribute the remaining ingredients.
Roll the belly pork and tie it with a cooking string.
Preheat oven at 220ºC for 10 minutes
Bake the belly pork for 1 Hour at 160ºC
Bake for another 1 Hour at 180ºC
Then another 30 minutes at 220ºC

We are using a convection oven or Turbo Broiler. You may adjust the oven temperature accordingly if you know your oven well.

This is our family's favorite that we cook this almost every occasion we have. Easy and Oh! so Yummy!

Gifts to Consider this Valentines Day

Other than cooking, do you also think of some gifts to give to your loves this special day of Love Month? If you will ask me, Hmm.. Below are some of the gifts I am considering giving to my Love.

For HIM - since my husband is into cycling, I am planning to spoil him with good quality Cleat Shoes. If my budget permits me, I will buy a Shimano Cycling Shoes For Men and a Shimano Cleats to complete his cycling shoe requirement. And for his bike, to buy a Shimano Clipless Pedal will complete the Cleats Set.

For the Little Ones - since three of my boys are now entering the teenage years, I want them to be reading more books than facing their gadgets most of the time. I want to start with some popular books to encourage them. I already bought The Diary of the Wimpy Kid Dog Days and they read it repeatedly and they can finish reading the book in one sitting. I will buy them the Harry Potter Box Set so they will have enough books to read for a start.

For Me -  Oh! How I wish the husband is considering giving me some gift. He is not the romantic type who will give Flowers and Chocolates and hates surprises. He always opens up what he had in mind. If he will give me some gift for Valentines' Day I hope he can buy a Programmable Pressure Cooker. I love the idea of having a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a yogurt maker, and a steamer/warmer all in just one mighty pressure cooker.

So, I do hope we all have a Happy Valentines Day!!

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