Vegetable Shake as my Son's Baby Food

Hello mommies!

This is another late post from me. Sorry for my sooooo busy schedule. I am a mom of six! Yes, you read it right... They call me the wonderful mom of deVitto SixKidsClub hehehe! and I am a Real Estate Agent or Property Endorser too. So, I guess you can now imagine the little time I am trying to juggle.


So back to our topic, the Vegetable Shake I made for my baby boy! Around January or so, he was tagged as severely underweight. He was six months old at that time. We fed him every now and then with Cerelac - the known baby food here in my country, but most of the time he was breastfed. 

I was advised by the doctor to fed him every time he feels like eating. So then I decided to make my own baby food for some health and financial reasons. I started by boiling some potatoes, green beans, and some carrots. I tried smashing the boiled veggies with a fork at first but I am not totally happy with it. The next time I made one, I tossed them to my blender and voila! the baby food texture that I wanted was achieved. You can try it too.


Vegetable Shake as my Son's Baby Food Vegetable Shake as my Son's Baby Food Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 7/02/2019 Rating: 5
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