Gadgets Needed for Online Learning

 Now that we are practicing the new normal in school, I am sharing to you the gadgets that my learners are using for their online class now that schools are required to follow the government's health protocol due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laptop - bought my laptop some years ago for my Real Estate job as a real estate salesperson. By that time, I bought the  Intel Core i3 processor to enjoy the faster performance. Today, Intel already has Intel Core i9.

Personal Computer - we are still in love with the classic personal computer in a tower case. We bought one for the kids from our friend. We are happy with its Intel Core i5 processor. Faster than our old computer, which is an i3.
Mini PC - because we have six kids and five of them are now in school we decided to get another computer. As I continue searching online for a computer to buy, I came across a mini PC, and I immediately fall in love with it. Thus, we decided to get one and luckily found an i7. I love how small it is yet so powerful. Such a breather.
Tablet - we also have a tablet to cater to the school needs of our elementary students. This is not as powerful as the computers but it is okay since they just need it for a maximum of 2 or 3 hours.
Monitor - a good quality monitor is also needed for comfortable learning and working. There are cute portable ones but we still prefer the traditional big ones for a better view.

Office Chair - I and my kids are currently using a monobloc chair.  We have plans of getting a comfortable office chair soon.

Office Desk - it is important to have a dedicated computer desk for work and study to attain the needed focus while on duty or while class is ongoing.
WiFi - because we work and study from home online, an internet connection is needed and it is important that we will have a good performing WiFi router to ensure that we all have an internet connection wherever we are at home. 
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