Are you Looking for a Mansion House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines?

When we hear the mansion, it is a common understanding that it is a huge house with ample rooms and spaces for all household members. When building a mansion, it is important that we consider the place where we will build the mansion. However, if you want a mansion that is already built in an amazing location in the tropical country, then you should now be looking for a Mansion House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines.

Benefits of a Mansion

Living in a mansion offers many benefits according to Gulberg Islamabad.

Creates a statement of comfortable lifestyle – a mansion farmhouse in a slope of Narra Palawan Philippines, speaks for the kind of life the owner has. The home is definitely a reflection of the life of the owner, their interests and experiences. Owning a mansion plus the farm surrounding it is a symbol of luxury.

Provides privacy – owning a mansion house and lot will definitely keep the owner owners away from the noisy neighbors.

Owners can go Eco-friendly – because one owns a mansion house and lot on a large farm, owners are free to decide in making their mansion an eco-friendly one by creating a rainwater collection facility, solar power system, organic farming for food sources and the list goes on.

Eye-catching landscape – of course, the large land area allows a mansion house and lot owner to create an eye-catching landscape from amazing greeneries to colorful flower beds.

Pet-friendly – since one is on a farm, owners are definitely free to grow every pet they like without the need of approval by a homeowner’s association or condo corporation.

Great Investment – we all know that Real Estate Investment is one of the safest investments to make.

House and Lot Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of owning a house and lot, the list comes long. Amaialand listed some reasons why one should invest in a house and lot.

Appreciates over time – unlike other possessions like cars, gadgets, and more that are depreciating in value over time, real estate posses a stable growth of value despite the uncertainties like the recent COVID-19 pandemic the world has experienced. The Philippine real estate sector remains resilient the Manila Standard reported. 

Not making any more – it has been said that you should invest in land because they are not making any more of it and that is entirely true.

Palawan Philippines

Palawan is a province of the Philippines located in the MIMAROPA Region. It has 23 municipalities including Narra, a first-class municipality with 31 municipalities that included Brgy. Estrella Village. Narra Palawan has a tropical climate type.

 Narra Palawan, Philippines Mansion House and Lot for Sale

With the information provided above, you surely now want to invest in Philippine Real Estate and probably looking for a mansion house and lot in the Philippines.

We will be presenting to you amazing farmland with a mansion in Narra Palawan. The whopping 67.7 hectares of land for sale comes with a furnished mansion in country-style.

Located in Brgy. Estrella Village, Narra Palawan, the property is a plantation of thousands of Mahogany, Gmelina, Cashew, local hardwood Narra, and fruit trees, The Plantation is a feasible source of timber and fruit crops.

How To Get There

When in Puerto Princesa, one will take the national highway and drive towards the south of Palawan. After about 84 kilometers,  take the exit to Estrella Village which is connected to the north-south national highway with an 8-km paved road. 

The drive from the village to the entrance of The Plantation is along a one-kilometer dirt road.

A party paved road of about 0.8 km leads from the entrance gate of The Plantation to the mansion.

Plantation Surface

The Plantation has a total area of 67.70 ha wherein 2.7 ha (27,000 m2, 6.7 acres, 290,626 ft2) contain the plantation owner’s mansion and 4 caretaker houses, partly paved roads,  a creek and a river with running water all year round, and two areas that have yet to be developed. The entire plantation is fenced with barb wire.


The Plantation is connected to the electrical grid of Palawan. The power cables from the village to The Plantation as well as the transformer are properties of The Plantation.  Furthermore, there is an 18KW diesel generator with an automatic transfer system in a dedicated powerhouse at the entrance of The Plantation.

Potable water is obtained from a spring in the mountains behind The Plantation. The tropical climate ensures that there is water flowing all year round. 

All houses inside the property are connected to the electrical and water networks of The Plantation.


The spacious mansion serves as a residence for the owner of The Plantation and his family.  It is situated in the middle of The Plantation with a 360 degree view over the entire land and a breathtaking view of the valley and the sea. The mansion is 130 meters above sea level.  This altitude provides a great vantage point in viewing three picturesque islands which are located 16 to 20 kilometers from the mansion. 

The mansion is reminiscent of Colonial architecture with modern amenities and a professionally designed layout which includes:

Living room: 58 m2 (624 ft2). Stairs to the view deck above the living room.

Dining: 13.5 m2 (145.3 ft2)

Kichen and pantry: 25 m2 (269 ft2)

Master’s bedroom including, walk-in closet, his and hers sink, bath, toilet: 53 m2 (571 ft2)

  • Children’s bedroom including walk-in closet, two sinks, bath and toilet: 53 m2 (571 ft2): same size and layout as master bedroom 
  • The laundry area is 24 m2 (258 ft2) and between the sauna and the kitchen
  • Screened Sunroom: 17 m2 (183 ft2). The garage is visible in the back.
  • Screened Veranda: 77.1 m2 (830 ft2)

The following additional structures were built adjacent to the main building:

  • Garage and toolshed: 60 m2 (646 ft2)
  • Maids bedroom, bathroom and toilet: 18 m (194 ft2)
  • Multi-purpose area: 60 m2 (646 ft2)

A 152 m2 (1,636 ft2) plant nursery is located behind the mansion.  A variety of vegetables, herbs, and spices are also planted in the area around the nursery. Between the nursery and the mansion is a covered picnic area. 

On the left side of the house and the nursery, a partly sloping garden is adorned with different flowers, palm trees, and other plants.

All four of the caretaker houses are typical local dwellings made of round wood with sawali and a cogon roof. Each house has its own kitchen, living and sleeping area, and a toilet and bath. All houses have running water and electricity.

Commercial viability

What can future buyers expect to gain from the plantation?

The cashew trees offer yearly a significant stream  of income that will grow over time while the trees mature: 

2014 harvest was the first harvest of about 300 kg of cashews and the 2015 harvest was 1,500 kg. 2020 harvest is estimated to be 32,000 kgs with a value in the local market of US$ 85,750 wholesale when processed into fried cashew kernels, using 2015 sales prices

the cashew trees will be fully matured in 2025 with an estimated total harvest of 50,000 kgs with a value in the local market of US$ 119,047  using 2015 sales prices.

The mahogany trees grow in value every year. They are estimated to value US$ 8,084,000 in 2023  when the average age of these trees will be 15 years. This estimate is derived from an appraisal made in 2006 of the 116,000 mahogany trees on the Marsse Tropical Tree Plantation in Pangasinan in Luzon, Philippines by the DENR (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources).  

The gmelina trees can be harvested around 2021 and every 6 years thereafter.  A conservative estimate of the value of these trees is US$ 257,000 per harvest.

If you are interested in this Mansion House and Lot for Sale in the Philippines, you may contact Leonilyn Vitto of the country's largest Real Estate Network Filipino Homes.

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