Cheap and Homemade Christmas Decor

I know this is a late post but I want to share what I did to save money on our Christmas decorations with these money-saving cheap and homemade Christmas decors I bought and made. Of course, where I bought my decor and supplies is a very budget-friendly place and we call it Dapitan Arcade. Prices are very affordable. I am so sorry if I do not have pictures of the place. Forgot to bring with me my camera.

For our Christmas Wreath, I planned to create one but time really is a problem with me with my two toddlers and three schoolboys, I hardly find a time to create one. I had been browsing on Pinterest for hundreds of ideas and eyed various designs but I totally run out of time. In the end, I decided to just buy the ready-made one. It is one of the most affordable ones at One Hundred and Fifty Philippine Peso.

For our Christmas Tree and other decors, my son and I decided to buy two rolls of 9 meters Christmas Garland. A set of gold Christmas Balls since we decided to have gold and green as the theme for our decors this year. Then, we buy two sets of Christmas Lights one for each garland, and a roll of Christmas Ribbon.

We first installed the garland decor in the window and my son took charge of the installation thing. After that, we plan on installing the Christmas Tree on the wall so my 1-year-old does not have access to it. However, we find it hard to fix the garland on the concrete wall so I decided to make use of some wood slabs, rocks, twine, flower pot, and u nails. I then twist and bend the garland forming the Christmas Tree and we already have the DIY cheap and Homemade Christmas tree. I then printed a star outline of different sizes on a gold paper and install the biggest one on the tip of the tree and the other sizes were punched with holes, put some thread, and put it on the tree branches along with the Christmas Balls and lights. Finished the tree with the Christmas Lights and the kids loved it.

We have been long planning to have a Nativity but cannot decide where to place it. Minutes before Christmas Eve, we have decided to just install on the wall next to the Christmas Tree. So I started searching for Nativity images online, vectored it using the Vector Magic installed in our computer, and fixed the image using Corel Draw. After all, have been done, I then turned on our Cutter Plotter that made everything fast and easy, started the cutting job, and weeded the unwanted stickers to reveal the design. Using an applicator or transfer tape, we then installed our Nativity minutes before Christmas Eve. The design comes only with a solid color because our machine is a cut only machine. When time and budget permits, we will purchase the print and cut cutter plotter for us to be able to create our own colored wall decals or stickers.

Overall, I just spent around One Thousand Philippine Peso during our trip to Dapitan Arcade. Others are supplies already available at home.

Thanks to my eldest for helping me out.

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