Make Your Own Patches and Appliques

For the longest time, I have wanted to create my own fabric appliques and patches. I want them on my kid's clothes, pants, shorts, bags and other surfaces where I can possibly put them on. I love the looks of patches and appliques and how they add beauty to clothing and accessories.

How to Make your own Patches and Appliques?
With  my wants to make my own patches and appliques, I have been searching over google every time I can. Below are different methods or styles in making your own appliques and patches.

Fabric Cutouts

Using fabric cutouts for your patches and appliques is easy. All you have to do is to search for an image or drawing of your desired letter or design. Print it on a paper. After you have printed your design, cut it out and trace it on the wrong side of your fabric. After tracing, you can now cut a portion of your Iron-on Adhesive that is just enough for your design. Press the wrong side of your fabric to the sticky side of the adhesive to stick the fabric. When you are sure that the fabric and adhesive sticks snugly, you can now cut your design, peel the backing of the adhesive and iron it on to your chosen surface like dress, shirt, denim, bags, caps and more.

If you were able to buy a cutter plotter, you can use it as another way of doing your fabric cutouts. Just cut your desired sizes of fabric and iron-on adhesive and iron it on. After ironing, cut you fabric using your cutter plotter and voila! You already have your fabric cutouts for your patches and appliques. Remove the adhesive backing and iron it on.

Printed Design
If you have your own printer and own a heat press then it would be easy for you to make your own patches and appliques of different designs. You just have to create your design on your computer or search over Google for free designs and print it. After printing, press or iron your design to your white fabric and then  press the wrong of your fabric to the sticky side of the iron on adhesive. Cut your design afterwards, peel off the backing and iron the design to your project.

If you own an embroidery machineyou can make your own embroidery patches and appliques easily. Just attached your computer to your embroidery machine, update your machine and you can already make your desired patch and applique design. I do not have my embroidery machine yet but I would love getting one soon. Since I already have my portable sewing machine, I would get the embroidery only machine.

In my case, we have a small scale printing business at home and we make our own patches and appliques using our printer and heavy duty heat press machine. We attach appliques and patches mostly on trucker hats for our clients but we also do it on shirts specially when attaching logos.
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