Teen Titans Go Themed Cake and Shirt

Since I learned baking, buying a cake was none of our plans anymore. Every occasion, I bake our own cake. For my third grader's birthday last December, he wanted his cake to have a Teen Titans Go theme. So, the loving mom in me immediately thinks of a cake and Frosting flavor. Since his birthday is within the week of Christmas and New Year's Day week, we decided to just have a Chiffon Cake and iced it with Boiled Icing.

  For the decors, I just designed it on my computer and printed it on a glossy paper. Put some barbecue stick at the back and voila! I already have my cake topper. I did the same for that decor on the side front part of the cake. The icing on the other hand is stable enough to hold on to the cake but I do not like how it comes out after coloring it with green. Other than the color is pale, the consistency comes runny when piped. Maybe it is time for me to buy an airbrush this time so I can enjoy a stable and bright colored boiled icing.
For his shirt, I get some image on Google, and then I added the Teen Titans Go Logo on top printed it on a Transfer Paper, pressed on to the blank shirt that hubby bought using the Heavy Duty Industrial Type Heat Press Machine we have for our small t-shirt printing business.

Crafting and DIYing things for your loved ones are really fun and fulfilling. My kids loved it when we do the matching cake and shirt for their birthday. They do not mind what other foods we served as long as they have the matching cake and shirt.
Teen Titans Go Themed Cake and Shirt Teen Titans Go Themed Cake and Shirt Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 1/14/2017 Rating: 5
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