How to Save on Your Personalized Christening Candle

When occasions like christening happen, we normally spend some amount of money from the invitation to the candle to the foods, clothes, party favors, and more. Because I want to save money in times like this, I opt to DIY including the Christening Candle.

While I was browsing for crafts to make for my kid's christening, I stumbled on various personalized christening candle articles. Stumbled on a tutorial for personalized unity wedding candle and they are using onion skin paper where they print the design on then with the use of a Heat Gun or a Hair Dryer, they transfer the design to the candle. Others print the details on a craft board and attach it to the candle using a ribbon and glue.

Among the many ideas I got online, what catches my attention is the one in a glass with the details printed on a clear sticker.

So, in order to make this personalized christening candle, you will need the following materials:


Layout your design on your computer using your desired design software. Print it on the Clear Sticker cut and set aside.

Put the candle wick into the jar and set it aside.

Chop your paraffin wax if you bought the block on or just pour into the pot if you have bought the beads.

When the wax melts pour it into your prepared jar with candlewick. Wait till its completely cold.

Peel off the backing of your clear sticker and stick it into the jar. Spray with a clear coat for protection. Dry the clear coating and you are done.

Hope you enjoyed this project and saved even a little amount of your party cost. This personalized candle is also great as party favors.

How to Save on Your Personalized Christening Candle How to Save on Your Personalized Christening Candle Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 3/26/2017 Rating: 5
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