PRUride PH 2018 - De Vitto's First Cycling Race for 2018

Since the hubby decided to restore his classic bicycle back when he was in High School, he started to love cycling, and became his passion and source of income as well. His bike is categorized as Small Wheels in cycling race categories. Their group called their bike as Mini Velo and he joined the group Mini Velo Club Philippines to gain more knowledge about his passion.

Since then, he joined various bike rides within the city and some out of town rides. Some are race while others are just fun rides. He even tried to ride his bike from Calapan to his hometown Gloria in Oriental Mindoro. It took him almost 8 hours to finish the 82 kilometers ride.

This year, the first cycling race he was into was the PRUride PH 2018. The event was held in McKinley West Park in Taguig. Under the Small Wheels men category, he enjoyed the ride even if after his fifth or sixth lap he was being overlapped by the race winner. 

Despite not being the winner of the race, or not having a place, he enjoyed the experience and camaraderie with his fellow cyclists and family members as well, like me, who are there to support the event. 

I took the photos and videos during the race. He took photos with his fellow cyclists, claim his medal and we go home. The event is a whole day event but we went home after his race as we have kids left at home and some business transactions to complete.

I wish I could join next year for the Small Wheels women category. 
PRUride PH 2018 - De Vitto's First Cycling Race for 2018 PRUride PH 2018 - De Vitto's First Cycling Race for 2018 Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 1/24/2018 Rating: 5
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