Best Habits on How to Change Your Outlook in Life

Each one of us wanted to have the best in life and if you are to observe, some people look extremely happy no matter the situation is. Have you tried looking at someone in the same situation as you but looks a lot happier than you? That is definitely because of their outlook on life. They have a better outlook on life. If you find yourself being on the other side of the fence, then you should go change your outlook in life.

Achieving our dream is not a straight and smooth journey. Life is full of ups and downs and we will meet various obstacles along the way. We cannot choose the obstacles that we meet but we can choose how to respond by simply changing our outlook in life. 

We have listed below a few habits that one can do to change their outlook in life and learn to respond to circumstances in a positive manner. 

Get enough good night’s sleep

Many life coaches claim that to achieve an organized day is to start the night before and it is widely known that having enough sleep is essential to improve our quality of life. WebMD listed a few surprising reasons to get more sleep.

Sharper brain - sleep plays a big part in learning and memory. A person with enough sleep are more alert. 

Mood Boost - the brain takes time processing our emotions when we sleep. Thus, if we have enough sleep we will be in a better mood.

Healthier Heart - it is when we sleep that our blood vessels and heart take some rest and our blood pressure is down at this moment. If we lack sleep, our blood vessels and heart will be working overtime that will eventually lead to heart disease.

Athletic Achievement - rest is important in every active activity that we will do. Without proper sleep, it will be hard for us to gain the most needed strength and alertness to finish any athletic activity for we will be sluggish the following day.

Steadier Blood Sugar - like our blood vessels and heart, blood glucose also drops or takes a break during deep sleep. When we lack sleep, glucose will remain active and high making us prone to type 2 diabetes.

Weight Control - with enough sleep, we will be less hungry and sleep deprivation will alter our brain hormones that control our appetite making us less resistant to the temptation of unhealthy foods.


We are all aware that regular exercise is good for our body. However, little did we know that exercise has benefits beyond our body. Regular exercise also helps boost mood, improve sleep, help us deal with anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Exercise improves overall well-being as it helps us become more energetic during the day and sleep well at night. As a result, we enjoy sharper memories, feel more relaxed, and have a positive outlook on life. In addition, exercise is an effective medicine for various mental health problems. 

A little exercise each day is better than nothing. A daily exercise of 15 to 30 minutes a day is better than nothing. If you are a busy person, you divide it into chunks of 5 to 10 minutes each session.

Help Guide


Improve your overall health and well-being with meditation. Studies show that meditation is used to increase physical relaxation, calmness, improve psychological balance, cope with different illnesses.

Meditation can be done sitting, lying down, walking, or any other position one feels comfortable in. It is best done in a quiet place with few destructions. 


Get a mentor

Getting the help of a mentor is the best thing to do if you are serious about getting positive results to your question on How to Change your outlook in life. The Proctor Gallagher Institute has a proven track record of helping people improve their lives. 

The company offers various courses and if you think you are busy, the Six Minutes To Success is the perfect course for you to take. Yes! Just six minutes of your time each day and it will give you massive change.

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