The Future of Digital Nomad

The occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic gave way to the birth of digital nomads worldwide. Today, working online wherever and whenever you are available is highly possible. The majority of companies are now offering remote work. However, despite the flexibility of working schedules remote work and freelancing can offer, many are concerned about their health insurance. The good thing is that some insurance companies today cater to remote workers and cover nations from around the globe, just like what Safety Wing is offering.

What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person working in locations of their choice. They complete their tasks with the help of technology. With the help of technology, the digital nomad lifestyle is now on the rise. Workers can complete the tasks through content management software, WIFI, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They also use video conferencing apps to communicate with their clients and employers. Families living the digital nomad lifestyle have their kids homeschooled.

While being a digital nomad allows people to work anywhere, people tend to travel more and stay in places they love for as long as they want since they do not need to be in a physical office. The Digital Nomad Visa and resident permit make it even easier for nomads to enjoy places while working.

Nomad Residence Permit in Malta

Malta is one of the first countries that allows nomads to have a good stay in the country while working or managing businesses online. The nomad residence permit in Malta allows its holders to continue working or managing their business or employment from another country while residing in Malta legally.

The nomad permit in Malta is issued for one year and is subject to renewal upon application per Residency Malta. In addition to the eligibility criteria, Covid-19 health travel restrictions may also apply.

When it comes to health, reliable insurance is essential. The good news for digital nomads is that they can now enjoy traveling and working anywhere with just a single health insurance policy covering various countries, and that is Safety Wing, which offers numerous plans for nomads while on a long or short trip in Malta. It has Nomad Health, Nomad Insurance for nomads, and Remote Health for companies. Nomad Health offers global health insurance for remote workers and nomads, while Nomad Insurance is travel medical insurance for people outside their home countries. Remote Health is a health insurance for remote teams.

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