Rainbow Checker Cake For My Unica Hija

Since I started baking I never get attracted with store bought cakes anymore. Instead, I always think of copying the designs and flavors I want from known bakeshops like Goldilocks and Red Ribbon in my place.

I joined different baking groups and followed various known cake artists on Facebook. When someone from my group shared a tutorial for Rainbow Checker Cake, I immediately decided to bake one for my baby girl's Third Birthday.

For my daughter's cake, I am following the vanilla cake recipe from Joy the Baker and the  rainbow checker tutorial from the YouTube channel of MyCupcakeAddiction.

Though the colors vary and my SMBC failed me this time, I am quite happy with the result of my rainbow checker cake especially when I see my daughter so happy and excited with her cake.

Rainbow Checker Cake For My Unica Hija Rainbow Checker Cake For My Unica Hija Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 11/28/2015 Rating: 5
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