How To Start Sewing Your Stash Of Cloth Diapers

Reusable Pocket Diapers
My First 8 Cloth Diaper Covers

Since I was pregnant with my baby girl in 2012, I have already decided to use and sew my own cloth diapers. However, resources for PUL fabrics and other tools to sew and the high prices of ready-made cloth diapers in the market hinder me from pushing it through.

However, my desire for sewing cloth diapers never stops. It may not be for my baby girl but for others to purchase. Yes! I am planning for selling cloth diapers and reusable cloth diaper inserts in the near future.

The moment I knew that I am pregnant with my 5th baby, I suddenly got excited to pursue my search on how to start my first stash of cloth diapers and it will be for my baby boy.

Cloth Diapers and Inserts

The inner layer of my cloth diaper made of Dri-fit Fabric

Below are the steps I did in starting my stash of cloth diapers:
  1. The very first thing I did was I did a lot of research. I read the various tutorials and downloaded lots of free patterns from various blogs and Facebook Cloth Diapering groups.
  2. After having a collection of cloth diaper sewing tutorials and free patterns, I chose to sew the Pocket Diaper and started my search for the materials for the cover, inner layer, inserts, snaps, snap pliers, Velcro, and the likes. Please note that I already had my portable sewing machine.
  3. The moment I found my sources, I already did the purchase and started sewing my cloth diapers. 
Today, I already had my first stash of cloth diapers for my baby boy that he can use.

Why I Choose To Use Cloth Diapers?

I choose to use cloth diapers because other than the fact that I can help save the environment from the mountains of trash disposable diapers are creating, I can save lots of money because I need not to purchase new diapers every now and then. All I have to do is to wash the diapers and its inserts and reuse it. There are cloth diaper patterns that are designed to cater newborns to toddlers. That will be three to four years of savings.
My Zebra Print PUL pocket diaper cover
For my cloth diapers, I used the newborn pattern from Darling Diapers. I also followed various sewing tutorials including Newborn Sized Pocket Cloth Diaper with Adjustable Elastic from Erickson & Co. and Easy Pocket Diaper Tutorial from Homespun Aesthetic.

I truly enjoyed crafting my own cloth diapers and surely you too will love sewing for your babies soon.
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