No-sew Old T-shirt Yarn Rug

Another DIY project I made is the no-sew rug from our old t-shirts. I used to recycle old shirts and use it as rug around the house. Lately, I find our old shirt rugs untidy and not so good-looking and looks for some ways to make it looks a little better. I have come across various tutorials and end up following one that requires no sewing.

All you need are some Old Shirts cut into strips to create a t-shirt yarn, scissors and lots of desire to complete the rug.


  1. Cut two strips of fabric about three feet long and form a loop to make it 4 strips. Snug the strips up but make it a little loose for your comfort as you weave along.
  2. Now start weaving using the far right strip and weave from right to left in an Under Over Under process. 
  3. Do the same process on the next strips until you reach 12 to 14 inches long. This will now serve as the center strip of the rug. 
  4. The next step is the tricky and somewhat confusing part, as you are to shape the corner as you go. To shape the corner, you have to tuck the strip into the previous row you have created and snug the strip tight. When its time for you to turn the bottom corner, skip every other tuck in to create more section per curve. 
  5. Make sure that your rug lays  flat and it starts to curl, add some more sections on the curve.
  6. After you have two rows with four strands, time now for you to add a new strip and tuck it to the center of the loop you have created at the start. You will now be working with 6 strips.
  7. Using the six strips weave on and after you have gone around the oval, add another strips making the 7th and 8th strips.
  8. Go on weaving until you have reached the desired size.
  9. Taper the strips one at a time to finish the rug.
When its time for you to join a strip, just do the slip knot to join to join the strips and you can now continue weaving.

You can view for tutorials about this project here and here.

No-sew Old T-shirt Yarn Rug No-sew Old T-shirt Yarn Rug Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 3/29/2014 Rating: 5
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