Money Saving Tips On Cloth Diapers

Mommies who chose to use cloth diapers can have various reasons. Others want it with the purpose to help save the environment. We all know that using cloth diapers will minimize landfills as we are reusing the diapers by washing and drying it. Unlike if we are to use those popular disposable diapers available in stores near us that after each use, we are throwing it in the garbage and thus adding it to the landfills that we have. On the other hand, others opt to use cloth diaper because of its lovely designs while others chose to join the cloth diaper bandwagon because of their chance to save money in the long run.

Collect Cloth Diaper Information - the first tip that I can give to those who are still undecided in using cloth diaper is to read, read, and read numerous information about the cloth diaper. Two or more sources of information are by far better than one because every mommy has her own choice of cloth diaper.

Sew Your Stash - although you can save money on cloth diaper by choosing the cheaper option, it would be a lot cheaper if you will sew your own stash especially if you already have your own sewing machine sitting at home. The result is very overwhelming since you will be able to customize your diaper according to your child's size. You can choose freely in choosing among various designs from pocket cloth diapers to hybrid fitted to AIO and so on. In this photo, I am sewing the hybrid fitted version. However, I also have my pocket cloth diapers sewn when my baby boy was still on the way. In the photo, I sewed the diaper using the turn and stitch method in sewing the seam because I still do not have a serger sewing machine. Serge stitched fitted cloth diapers look more professional and clean and this is the reason why I wanted to buy even just a portable serger sewing machine very soon for a start. Since I am planning to sell cloth diapers soon and sew our own Dri-Fit shirt for our small T-Shirt Printing Business, maybe I will get the industrial serger sewing machine too, because these types are more sturdy and sew faster.

However, if you still do not have a sewing machine at home, it would be great if you will invest with a good sewing machine. You can opt to buy the small ones that are good for home use, or the industrial sewing machine type, where you can have for other use like sewing for business and earn some amount from it. Another thing you can enjoy when sewing your own stash of cloth diaper is your chance of buying the right fabric at a cheaper cost.

Recycle Old Fabrics - you can maximize your chance of saving money in cloth diapering by using old shirts for your inserts if using the pocket type or for your liners if using the fitted ones. If sewing your own cloth diapers, you can also use those old denim jeans for your shells and you will definitely be amazed by the result. It will not only look good in your baby's butt but is also sturdy and of course, will give new life to your old jeans.

Wash in Batches - wash your cloth diapers in batches to save on electricity, water, and soap. Save water too by investing in a great tool called Diaper Sprayer for Toilet. This tool will help you get rid of those nasty poop in just a short splash of pressurized water from this tool. After pre-washing or pre-rinsing your cloth diapers, place it in a diaper pail and took it out come laundry day.

If you find cloth diapering expensive, you can always opt to use old clothing as a start for your inserts. Start with a smaller stash and hand wash them every diaper change. Use light laundry detergent to prevent skin damage.

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