5 Modern Storage Benches for your small home upgrade

Small homes and condominium units with limited space are becoming a trend nowadays. If like me, you are also living in a small home with very limited space, I have collected some modern-day storage benches. These double purpose home furniture will surely be the solution to your need in additional space for storage.

Glitzhome VelvetStorage Ottoman Bench with Acrylic Legsthis modern ottoman bench can hold up to 500 pounds. The acrylic legs add up to the beauty of the bench while keeping its promise of providing additional storage space.

HomePopLarge Rectangular Storage Ottoman Benchadd this upholstered large rectangular ottoman bench to your small home and the orange geometric upholstery will definitely create a bold statement to your interiors.
PremiumNailhead Storage Benchthis modern leather window seating organizer home furniture is made of Poplar wood frame covered with mustard yellow leather upholstery. This bold colored furniture storage works perfectly in your living room and bedroom entryway.

Sauder420050 North Avenue Storage Benchsmall homes need additional storage space making this storage bench a perfect addition since this will not only provide storage space but additional seating as well.
RavennaHome Reeder Upholstered Entryway Cushioned Storage Benchwooden sturdy frame but with cushion for comfortable seating is a piece of perfect double purpose furniture to add to your small home or condo unit.

5 Modern Storage Benches for your small home upgrade 5 Modern Storage Benches for your small home upgrade Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 9/27/2019 Rating: 5
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