3 Ingredients Natural Stain Remover for Clothing

Who would not want to have clean and fresh clothes to wear? I bet none! Because of that, I am sharing to you what I have discovered from co-mom bloggers in keeping clothes fresh, clean, and of course stain-free.

Since I got kids, I have always wanted to use the most natural home cleaning as possible. This is actually long overdue for my family but since I am now into selling thrift clothes I decided to have it a go.

Laundry Basket Photo courtesy of Deposit Photos

The three ingredients include

2 tablespoon of Baking Soda

1 cup of Joy Blue Dishwashing Liquid (in substitute for Dawn that most blogger moms I found using)

2 Cups of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Mix the three ingredients and brush it to the stain of your clothing. This one is safe even on colored clothes. Leave it for a few minutes and run your wash cycle as normal. 

You can adjust the mixture according to your need. In addition, you can also adjust the baking soda depending on how you want the thickness of the mixture to be.

Other moms create their best homemade stain remover without the baking soda, place the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray the mixture into the stain directly.

I forgot to keep the before photo but this dress below has a yellow stain in the white part of the collar. I am afraid to treat it with Zonrox Bleach as it will surely ruin the blue part. I am so lucky to have found this 3-ingredient natural stain remover for clothing.

Source: Fabulessly Frugal

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