DIY Christening and Birthday Celebration The Inday Melyn Style!

My love for DIY started when I decided to bake my own personalized celebration cakes, as they are a little pricey when bought from well versed cake bakers and decorators. After baking for two birthdays, I find no time for molding the cupcake toppers since I also had a baby that time. When my third son's birthday came, I decided to make paper cupcake topper or what others call it cupcake picks. I find it less time consuming as I only had to design once and print as many as I can. At that time, I created the Smurfs themed cupcake picks and to my surprise, my son's friends find it cute that some of time brought it with them at home and became an instant thank you tag.

With that success, I decided to do the same thing for my daughter's Christening and my first-born son's birthday double celebration party. Hubby and I choose purple for my daughter and my son wants the minions for him. So with those in mind, I designed the bunting banner, cupcake toppers and cupcake wraps.

So drum rolll...............

DIY Invitation - Below invitation card is designed by me using my new love Corel Draw! If you like its design and want to use the same for your kid's christening, you can download it at my Etsy Shop.

My DIY Invitation Card

DIY Party Bunting Banner

DIY Cupcake Picks

DIY Cakes and Cupcakes

DIY Cupcakes in DIY Cupcake Wraps

Vanilla Cake In Pink Fondant

Moist Chocolate Cake With Actual Toys as Toppers

I am suppose to do my own DIY paper straw, straw flags, and napkin rings but I also ran out of time, but I will create those items for my kids soon. However, if you are planning to have lovely straw flags or drink flags and napkin rings on your next celebration, there are Printable DIY party decor packages available for download at my store.

My kids christening and birthday celebration cost me less than $100... Happy with the cost? I am! Start your DIY party now. Get more ideas and inspiration at Melyn Designs.
DIY Christening and Birthday Celebration The Inday Melyn Style! DIY Christening and Birthday Celebration The Inday Melyn Style! Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 9/07/2013 Rating: 5
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