Orange Pumpkin Theme 1st Birthday Celebration

From the very moment my little princess was born, I was determined not to spend too much on her celebrations like christening and birthday. For her christening, I designed my own printable party décors and baked my own celebration cakes. 

Now for her birthday, I aimed not to spend more than a hundred bucks and I felt proud of achieving that aim. Since my daughter’s birthday is during the Halloween, we decided to have the pumpkin theme.

To achieve our desired theme, I started out with her dress.

Sew a skirt for her. The skirt is supposed to be a TUTU but bought the wrong fabric. I bought a meter of orange organza instead of tulle. The mistake resulted me to sew a bubble skirt. Bought a stretchable blouse in a thrift store and sew a leggings to  match with the skirt.

After the skirt is done, I used the remaining fabric for her colorful bow to accentuate her headband. I created a flower out of organza fabric, add some plastic flowers from a friend, feathers and I am done.

Next stop is the shirt. I started experimenting with my photo editor and ended up making a 6x6 iron on transfer design.

The shirt print design is originally for iron on transfer purposes. However, because of the nature of the design, we decided to have it printed on a sticker so we can just peel it off after her birthday and print another design we like. I then grab a white shirt we have and stick the design on.

I also sew a shirred sundress for her as backup just in case she gets dirty on her big day. The dress is posted on here a little earlier.

Now that her birthday outfit is complete, I started designing her party decorations, which will soon be available on my Etsy shop MelynDesigns for you to download and use it for your own pumpkin themed birthday party.

Other than the party decors, I have also created my own paper straw inspired by a post from Look At What I Made.

Below are the printable I designed.

Cupcake Picks

Thank You Cards turned Stickers

Napkin Rings

Large Bottle Wrap

Baked our own cake and cupcakes.

Jars of Jelly Beans and Gummies as Prizes.


 Popcorn in a store bought paper bag accentuated with our thank you stickers.

Loot Bags

The Party Banner with our DIY tissue paper pompoms.

The foods with our food label, buffet card, placement card or tent card whatever you like it called.

 The table set-up.

There you have it with my Pumpkin Themed birthday party post for my daughter's first birthday celebration.


 The Orange Pumpkin Party Decor is now available on my Store for Instant Download!

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