My First and Second Men's Shirt - Barong Tagalog

As Christians, my boys who are in grades two and three just had their First Holy Communion last December 7, 2013. As part of the holy school activity, they are required to wear Barong Tagalog, Filipino's National Costume for men, and Black Pants for men which are both available for purchase at School. However, because I want to learn how to sew men's shirts and know the price of the fabric to use, I prefer not to buy from the school but sew my boy's barong and borrow from my neighbors two black pants. They are to use it once anyway. In this way, I can save ten times than the amount if I opt to buy from the School.

So off I go to our thrift market for fabric... DIVISORIA. 

Along Ylaya street are fabric vendors selling Organza fabric at Php 15.00 per yard. Bought two yards for my boys. After the fabric, I went to Tabora street and bought for other things I need. This may be what sewing moms called notions. Bought 3 yards of lace at Php 5.00 per yard and 12 pcs. of buttons at Php 24.00. I already have my Sew On interfacing and fabric, so I went to 999 mall in-front of Tutuban Prime Block Bldg. and bought my Pellon or what others call as iron-on interfacing at Php 25.00 per yard.

When I went home I found out that my lace and fabric are of different colors. Organza is cream or off white while the lace is white. So, I decided to dye the lace using tea following the tutorial from various sites. I forgot to save the link. :(

Next, I started to draft my pattern then start the cutting job. I have been into various pattern making tutorial but I failed to follow. So, I ended up using the little knowledge I got from my late mom.

After numerous rip and sew job, I finally had my first shirt done. Then, I started working on the second shirt, which I did a little faster than the first.

If you are planning to sew your own shirt too. Below are the links I am using.

Followed these tutorials for the collar and collar stands.

The first Holy Communion of my boys is a success and they are happy and proud of their shirt.

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