Whole Egg Leche Flan Recipe

My family especially hubby loves Leche Flan a lot but I do not like the idea of wasting egg whites when making Leche flan. With some positive thinking in mind, I started searching for a Leche flan recipe that uses whole eggs instead of just the egg yolks because I do not want to discard the egg whites and do not have time to make other recipes that use egg whites.

I was lucky enough then that my search had a positive result and found a Whole Egg Leche Flan Recipe from Kusina ni Manang.


1/2 cup white sugar
4 whole eggs
1 can condensed milk (14-oz)
1 can evaporated milk (15-oz)
1 tsp vanilla (I use Calamansi as a substitute)


1. Caramelized the sugar in a high power microwave oven or stovetop. Make sure not to burn the sugar when caramelizing on a stovetop. Set aside to hardened.

2. Prepare the stainless steel steamer boiling enough water for steaming. Alternatively, you can use your countertop convection oven and do the steam bath process.

3.. Mix whole eggs, condensed milk, and evaporated milk in a durable blender and blend using pulse settings three times at about three seconds each.

4. Pour the mixture to your 8" baking pan and cover with foil. When using the steam bath method omit covering the pan with foil.

5. Steam for 30 minutes under medium heat or bake (steam bath) for 1 hour at 295F

6. Check for doneness by poking a toothpick. You can also check doneness by shaking the pan and it comes out jello-like, it is done.

7. Serve while hot or chill first, whichever you prefer.

This recipe immediately became one of our family's favorites. My son even requested it for his birthday.
Whole Egg Leche Flan Recipe Whole Egg Leche Flan Recipe Reviewed by Leonilyn Vitto on 12/25/2013 Rating: 5
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