Yoga at Home Tips for Beginners

With the different levels of quarantine that the world is into, many are getting unhealthy for so many reasons. Some do nothing at home but binge-watching on Netflix, others are into online gaming almost 24 hours a day, while others do nothing but eat as a form of entertaining themselves and keep their sanity.

Lucky are those who are allowed to go out and do some outdoor activities like a little jogging, cycling, and the likes. In this article, I will discuss Yoga and how can you start it right at the comfort of your own home now that we are experiencing the terror of the COVID-19 pandemic and forced to stay at home at the government shuts or reduce capacity on public places and commercial establishments including gyms.

Just like you, I also want to start this Yoga thing for as a mother of six, I find the rigorous moves of cardio and aerobics hard already. With that said, I started searching for other forms of exercise to keep moving even if I am just at home working and taking of the kids while they are now into online class and I came across Yoga.

I have listed some tips to follow to start Yoga at home. If you too are a beginner of Yoga, let us do this together!

Allocate a spot in your home where you can practice yoga comfortably

For everything you do even you are just into easy yoga, it is important that you have a dedicated spot in your home for your yoga activities. It would be great if you have an extra room in your home as you can let your yoga mat unrolled all the time, which will be an inviting one. However, if you have no extra room, a place that is peaceful and quiet is all that you need with extra space for you to move around. It would also be a plus if you have an empty wall since it is a great and useful prop. An incense stick can also be perfect to create a soothing atmosphere.

Have some yoga tools or accessories

The good thing about yoga is that it requires no fancy tool except your favorite yoga mat. The non-slip yoga mat is preferable. Another yoga tool you can use is the yoga blocks. However, this can always be replaceable with what is available in your homes like books and the like. Using a yoga bolster would also be good. However, this too can also be replaced with household items like pillows and blankets. The tools are not required though even the yoga mat. One can even practice yoga in bed especially when doing bedtime yoga. Imagination is the limit to practice yoga successfully.

Practice safety always to prevent injury

Safety first is a common motto not only in construction sites but in almost everything that we do including practicing yoga. Please be mindful of the vulnerable parts of your body when practicing yoga. These are your knees, spine, hips, and your neck. Whenever you feel pain, feel free to adjust and soften. If needed, stop doing the pose. Love your body and do not force it to do the pose. Be a gentle yoga practitioner. Have a good warm-up before doing advance poses and be mindful of every transition that you make. It would be better if you will go with basic yoga poses first.

There you go. Hope you learn something from this post about yoga. The most important thing is we are healthy and practicing yoga for flexibility is a big help.

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