Five Best Tech Gifts for Teenage Guys

The holidays are coming and it is time again of the year to think about gifts we can give to our loved ones. We love gift giving not only during the holidays but anytime we feel like giving whether there is an occasion or just because.

Let's admit that teens of today are more into technology and with the current situation of COVID19, they got more hooked to technology because of this online school thing. If you feel like you have no idea of what to give your teenagers, we are listing below the best tech gifts for teenage guys. The list will surely help you decide what to give to your teenage son or nephew or grandson or godson and so on.

Bluetooth Beanie – this may sound new to the earlier generations but yes, there is a beanie hat that our teens are now into. This hat has the built in HD stereo speakers and wireless headphones making it perfect when they listen to their favorite music, watch their favorite movie, play their favorite games and even make a call to their friends and to us their family.  

BlueLight Blocking Glasses - now that our kids are exposed to their devices for online schooling and their favorite online fun, it is important that we will keep them safe from the harmful effect of blue light produced by our devices. these blue-light-blocking glasses offer the perfect UV protection that helps reduce eye strain. 

MiniRC/Drone - these drones are getting the attention of kids and adults alike. Aside from the fun it brings, drones are functional too especially those with cameras attached to them. It can be used to capture amazing aerial photos and videos. This is an amazing tool to keep for all kinds of activities especially outdoors. 

 Wireless Charger - every household has a common problem when it comes to chargers. The majority of the chargers are short-lived. The availability of wireless charges answers the prayers of many to enjoy their chargers longer. What is more beneficial with wireless chargers especially Anker, is that it keeps your battery life lasts longer. 

NintendoSwitch Lite - the Nintendo Switch Lite is perfect for your little gamer that loves to play Nintendo Switch games. This is a perfect console for the games at a price every parent will love. This will allow them to play their favorite Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode anywhere. 
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